Indian Polity Notes

Ques1- Who is regarded as the chief architect of indian Constitution? Ans- BR Ambedkar Ques2- When the constitution of India came into effect on? Ans- 26 January 1950 Ques3- Which day is observed as Republic Day every year? Ans- 26 January Ques4- How long earlier the World War II had ended before the Indian Constitution … Read more Indian Polity Notes

Nicknames of cities in India

  Nicknames of Indian cities across the country     Evergreen City of India   Evergreen City of India Thiruvananthapuram is an “Evergreen City of India” which is the capital of the state of kerala. With its windy backwaters, hill stations, beaches, long stretches of palm fringed shorelines, lagoons and wild life sanctuaries makes Thiruvananthapuram … Read more Nicknames of cities in India

About Indian National Congress

In covid19 lockdown we all are bored in our homes. so today I am going to discuss about some important questions about Indian National Congress. 1-The first President of Indian National Congress? Ans- W.C.Bannerji After the party’s foundation in 1885, Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee became its first president. A total of sixty one people have served … Read more About Indian National Congress