Logical Reasoning Quiz-04 For Freshers

How to solve Reasoning ability

In this type of questions, a pair of words is given following by 4 pairs of words as alternative. The candidate is required to choose the pair in which of the words bear the same relationship to each other as the words of the given pair bear.
Trick: Choosing A Similar Word
The Trick to solve the reasoning ability us to Choose the best alternative.

Lets see some examples, that will help us understand better:-

Ques1- Darkness : Lamp

A. Fatigue : Exercise

B. Thirst : Water

C. Medicine : lllness

D. Study : Classroom

Ans- Thirst: Water , just as a eliminates darkness, so also water element thirst.

Ques2- Fish : Shoal

A. Audience : Theatre

B. Elephant : Flock

C. Shark : School

D. Whale : Herd

Ans- Elephant : Flock, a group of fish is called shoal. Similarly, a group of elephant is called flock.

Ques3- Energy : Joule
A. Axe : Grind

B. Ammeter: Current

C. Power : Ampere

D. Resistance : Ohm

Ans- Resistance : Ohm, Joule is the unit of measuring energy. Similarly, Ohm is the unit of measuring resistance.

Ques4- Cigarette : Tobacoo

A. Coffee : Caffeine

B. Milk : Bottle

C. Shoes : Socks

D. Cigar : Filter

Ans- Coffee : Caffeine, the prime constituent of cigarette is tobacco. Similarly, the prime constituent of coffee is Caffeine.

Ques5- Chimney : Smoke

A. Tea : kettle

B. House : Roof

C. Clay : Ceramic

D. Gun : Bullet

Ans- Gun : Bullet, smoke comes out the chimney and Bullet comes out of the gun.

Ques6- Sonnet : Poem

A. Lie: falsehood

B. Murder : Crime

C. Chapter : Book

D. Ballad : Stanza

Ans- Murder : Crime, Sonnet it is a type of poem. Similarly, model is the type of crime.

Ques7- Run : Race

A. Enjoy : Journey

B. Study : Book

C. Party : Dance

D. Lecture : Study

Ans- Study : Book, one runs a race and studies a book.

Ques8- Genuine : Authentic

A. Mirage : Illusion

B. Ocean : Water

C. Breeze : Cyclone

D. Fear : Threat

Ans- Mirage : Illusion, the words in each pair are synonyms of each other.

Ques9- Chalk : Blackboard

A. Type : Paint

B. Ink : Paper

C. Table : Chair

D. Door : Handle

Ans- Ink : Paper, first is used to write on the second.

Ques10- Train : Truck

A. Idea : Brain

B. Water : Boat

C. Fame : Television

D. Bullet : Barrel

Ans- Bullet : Barrel, a train moves on track. Similarly, a bullet travels through the barrel of the gun.

Ques11- Wick : Candle

A. Light : Darkness

B. Lead : Pencil

C. Thread : Wool

D. Quick : Rapid

Ans- Lead : Pencil, First is working part of the second.

Ques12- Sip : Gulp

A. Touch : Push

B. Tent : Hut

C. Cup : Glass

D. Soup : Water

Ans- Touch : Push, second is of higher intensity than the first.

Ques13- Grossary : Words

A. Tresaurus : Rhyme

B. Catalogue : Dates

C. Atlas : Maps

D. Lexicon : Words

Ans- Atlas : Map, first contains collection of the second.

Ques14- Sea : Shore

A. River : Delta

B. Train : Rails

C. Ocean : Bay

D. Road : Footpath

Ans- Road : Footpath, first has the second on either side of it.

Ques15- Indolence : Beaver

A. Elegance : Peacock

B. Joviality : Hyena

C. Ferocity : Lamp

D. Passivity : Cow

Ans- Elegance : Peacock, just as beaver is known for its indolence, so also peacock is known for its beauty or elegance.

Ques16- Apostate : Religion

A. Teacher Education

B. Potentate : Kingdom

C. Traitor : Country

D. Jailer : Law
Ans- Traitor : Country, Apostate is one who forsakes religion. Similarly, traitor is one who betrays his country.

Ques17- Hospital : Doctor

A. Army : Soldier

B. School : Teachers

C. Lowyer : Court

D. College : Student

Ans- School : Teacher, first is the working place of the second.

Ques18- Spider : Web

A. Ink : Pen

B. Teacher : School

C. Cock : Hand

D. Poet : Poetry

Ans- Poet : Poetry, as spider makes web poet makes poetry.

Ques19- Cream : Cosmetics

A. Tiger : Forest

B. Teak : Wood

C. Magazine : Editor

D. Mountain : Valley

Ans- Teak : Wood, second donates the class to which the first belongs.

Ques20- Relax : Work

A. Play : Cheat

B. Smile : Laugh

C. Lunch : Dinner

D. Fresh : Stale

Ans- Fresh : Stale, the words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

Important word meaning

Wick—मोम्बत्ती का धागा






Rapid—तेजी से

Antonyms–विलोम शब्द

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