Logical Reasoning Question Answer part-2

Blood Relations

Blood Relations is one of the most important topic for competitive exams, job interview and other point of view. Every exam had 3-4 Questions in blood Relations.

Types of blood relations

There are three types of Blood Relations.

1- Coded Form

2- Puzzle Form

3- Indicating Form

Puzzles Form

In this type of questions, manual blood relations of more than two persons are mentioned. The candidate is required to analyse the given information, work out a family chart and then answer the given questions.

Some Tips and Tricks

1- Draw the Diagram.

2- Every generation on a new level.

3- Use the symboles for example for male + and for female – it will be very easy to solve.

4- Draw your family tree.

5- Know about relations.

Illustration Examples

Ques1- A family has a man, his wife, their four sons and there wives. The family of every Sun also has 3 sons and one daughter. Find out the total number of male members in the whole family?

A. 6

B. 7

C. 13

D. 17

Ans- 17, the male members in the whole family are;

Man himself; his four sons; and his 12 grandson total number of male members is 17.

Ques2- In in a joint family, there are father, mother, 3 married son and one unmarried daughter. Of the sons, two have two daughters each, and one has a son. How many female members are there in a family?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 6

D. 9

Ans- 9, the female members in the family are mother, wives of three married sons, unmarried daughter and to daughters of each of the two sons.

Number of female members is 9.

Ques3- If X is brother of son of Y’s and then how is X related to Y?

A. Brother

B. Cousin

C. Grandson

D. Son

Ans- Grandson, Brother of son is also a son. So, X is son of Y’s son. X is Y’s grandson.

Ques4- A, B and C are sister. D is the brother of E and E is the daughter of B. How is a related to D?

A. Sister

B. Cousin

C. Aunty

D. Niece

Ans- Aunty, E is the daughter of B and D is the brother of E. So, D is the son of B. Also, A is the sister of B. Thus, A is D’s aunty.

Ques5- B is the husband of P. Q is the only grandson of E, who is wife of D and mother-in-law of P. How is B related to D?

A. Nephew

B. Cousin

C. Son

D. Son-in-law

Ans-Son, B is the husband of P and E is the mother-in-law of P. So, B is the son of E. Also, E is the wife of D. Thus, B is the son of D.

Ques6- A is the uncle of B, who is the daughter of C and C is the daughter-in-law of P. How is A related to P?

A. brother

B. Son

C. Son-in-law

D. None of these

Ans- Son, B is daughter of C and C is daughter-in- law of P. So, P is the grandfather of B. Also, A is Uncle of B. A is the brother of B’s father. Thus, A is the son of P.

Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Ques7- Prashant Arora has three children– Sangeeta, Vimal and Ashish. Ashish married Monika, the elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy. the Roys married their youngest daughter of the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, and they had two children named Amit and Shashi. The Roys have two more children, Roshan and Vandana, both elder to Veena. Sameer and Ajay are sons of Ashish and Monika. Rashmi is the daughter of Amit.

1- What is the surname of Rashmi? A.Sharma

B. Roy

C. Arora

D. None of these

Ans- Sharma, Rashmi is the daughter of Amit who is, therefore, the eldest son of Sharmas and married to Verna, the youngest daughter of the Roys. So, the surname of Rashmi Sharma.

2- How is Sameer related to Monika’s father?

A. Grandson

B. Son

C. Cousin

D. Son-in-law

Ans- Grandson, Sameer is the son of Ashish who is the son of Prashant Arora. So, Sameer is the grandson of Monika’s father.

3- what is the surname of Sameer?

A. Roy

B. Sharma

C. Arora

D. None of these

Ans- Arora, Sameer is the son of Ashish who is son of Prashant Arora. So, surname of Sameer is Arora.

4- How is Mrs. Roy related to Ashish? A. Aunty

B. Mother-in-law

C. Mother

D. Son in law

Ans- Mother-in-low, Ashish is married to Monika who is the daughter of Mrs. Roy. So, Mrs. Roy is the mother-in-law of Ashish.

Ques8- Ravi is son of Aman’s father’s sister. Sahil is son of Divya who is mother of Gaurav and grandmother of Aman. Ashok is father of Tanya and grandfather of Ravi. Divya is wife of Ashok.
1- How is Ravi related to Divya? A. A. A. Nephew

B. Grandson

C. Son

D. None of these

Ans- Grandson, Divya is wife of Ashok, and Ashok his grandfather Ravi. So Ravi is Divya’s grandson.

2- How is Gaurav’s wife related to Tanya?

A. Niece

B. Sister

C. Sister in law

D. None of these

Ans- Sister-in-law, Tanya is Ashok’s daughter, Gaurav is Divya’s son and Ashok is Divya’s husband. So, Gaurav is Tanya’s brother and his wife is Tanya’s sister-in-law.

Ques9- Kalyani is mother-in-law of Veena who is sister-in-law of Ashok. Dheeraj is father of Sudeep, the only brother of Ashok. How is Kalyani related to Ashok?

A. Cousin

B. Wife

C. Mother-in-law

D. Mother

Ans- Mother, Veena is sister-in-law of Ashok means Ashok is the brother of Veena’s husband. but Ashok has only one brother, Sudeep. So Sudeep is Veena’s husband. Kalyani is mother-in-law of Veena’s means Kalyani is the mother of Veena’s husband Sudeep. since Ashok is Sudeep’s brother, so Kalyani is Ashok’s mother.

Ques10- Shobha is the niece of Ashish. Ashish’s is mother is Priya. Kamla is Priya’s mother. kamla’s husband is Hari. Krishna is the mother-in-law of Hari. How is Shobha related to Hari? daughter

A. Great grand daughter

B. Great grandson’s daughter

C. Aunty

D. Daughter

Ans- Great grand daughter, Shobha is the niece of Ashish means Ashish is the uncle of Shobha. Now, Priya is Ashish’s mother. so Priya is the grandmother of Shobha. Hari is Priya’s father. So, Shobha is the great grand daughter of Hari.

List of important topics under the logical reasoning section.

  • Alphanumeric series
  • Reasoning analogy
  • Artificial language
  • Blood relations
  • Clock
  • Coding-decoding
  • Puzzles
  • Calendar
  • Cause and effect
  • Coding-decoding
  • Direction