Logical Reasoning Quiz-02 for Freshers

Tricks to Solve Reasoning ability

In each of the following question, there is a certain relation between two given words on one side of:: and one word is given another side of:: while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair the item is each pair gently go together.

Trick: Choosing A Similar Word

The Trick to solve the reasoning ability us to Choose the best alternative.

let’s see some examples, that will help us understand better:-

Ques 1- Good: Bad:: Roof:?

A. Window

B. Floor

C. Wall
D. Pillar

Ans- Floor, the words in each pair are and of each other.

Ques 2- Man : Biography : : Nation: ?

A. Leader

B. People

C. Geography

D. History

Ans- History, second contains the story of the first.

Ques 3- Crow : Carrion : : Leech : ?

A. Bugs

B. Blood

C. Meat

D. Bones

Ans- Blood, First feed on the second.

Ques 4- Bird : Chirp : : Horse : ?

A. Bray

B. Neigh

C. Race

D. Stable

Ans- Neigh, second is the sound produced by the first.

Ques 5- Cup : Saucer : : Knife : ?

A. kitchen

B. Tray

C. fork

D. Vegetable

Ans- Fork, the item is each pair gently go together.

Ques 6- Cardiology : Heart : : Zoology : ?

A. Insects

B. Animals

C. Plant

D. Germs

Ans- Animals, Cardiology is the branch of science which deals with the study of heart. similarly, zoology is a branch of science which deals with the study of animals.

Ques 7- Head : Shake : : Shoulders : ?

A. Shrug
B. Hunch
C. Shiver

D. Turn

Ans- Shrug, second is the name given to the act of expressing and opinion by moving the first.

Ques 8- Hour : Second : : Tertiary : ?

A. Intermediary

B. Primary

C. Ordinary

D. Secondary

Ans- Primary, seconds, minutes and hours are the three units of time- seconds is the smallest unit and hours is the third unit is succession. Similarly, ‘primary’ represents initial stage and ‘tertiary’ represents the third stage in a process.

Ques 9- Car : Polish : Floor : ?

A. Wipe

B. Wash

C. Clean

D. Scrub

Ans- Scrub, second is the best method of cleaning the first.

Ques 10- – Nails : Pare : : Moustache : ?

A. Clip

B. Cut

C. Shave

D. Blow

Ans- Clip, second is the name given to the act of shaping up the first by trimming.

Ques 11- Time : Waste : : Money : ?


B. Earn

C. lose

D. Squander

Ans- Squander, second is the name given to the act of wasting the first.

Ques 12- Hill : Mountain : : pain : ?

A. Fear

B. Headache

C. Discomfort

D. Distress

Ans- Distress, second is the biggest form of the first.

Ques 13- Cricket : Pitch : : skating : ?

A. Arena

B. Court

C. course

D. Rink

Ans- Rink, second is the place where the first is played/ performed.

Ques 14- January : November : : Sunday : ?

A. Monday

B. Tuesday

C. Friday

D. Saturday

Ans- Friday, November and January are alternate months of the year, in order. Similarly, Friday and Saturday are alternate days of the week.

Ques 15- Hong Kong : China : : Vatican : ?

A. Rome

B. Mexico

C. Canada

D. Christianity

Ans- Rome, Hong Kong is a city in China. Similarly, Vatican is a city of Rome.

Ques 16- Reading : knowledge : : work : ?

A. Experience

B. Engagement

C. Employment

D. Experiment

Ans- Experience, second is acquired from the first.

Ques 17– White : Peace : : Red : ?

A. Violence

B. Roses

C. Hatred
D. Cleanliness

Ans- Violence, first is a symbol of the second.

Ques 19- Igloo : Ice : : Marquee : ?

A. Canvas

B. Silk

C. Satin

D. Buckram

Ans- Buckram, first is made up of the second.

Ques 20- Street : Lane : : Road : ?

A. Avenue

B. Highway

C. Footpath

D. Junction

Ans- Avenue, second is a smaller form of the first.

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