Important Reasoning Questions For NET

Reasoning ability

Choosing A Similar Word

In this type of question a group of three/four words in is given, followed by four other words as alternatives. The candidate is required to choose the alternative, which is similar to the given words.

Ques1- Lucknow :Patna : Bhopal : Jaipur

A. Pune

B. Mysore

C. Shimla

D. Indore

Ans- Shimla

Explanation- Clearly, Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal and Jaipur the capital cities of Various Indian states (U.P., Bihar, M.P. and Rajasthan respectively),. Similarly, Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Ques2- Sitar : Guitar : Tanpura

A. Trumpet

B. Violin

C. Harmonium

D. Mridanga

Ans- Violin

Explanation- Sitar, Guitar and Tanpura are the same string instruments. Violin is also a string instrument.

Ques3- Liver : Heart : kidney

A. Blood

B. Nose

C. Lung

D. Urine

Ans- Lung

Explanation- Liver, Heart, and Kedney are all internal organs of human body and so is the lung.

Ques4- Iron : Copper : Zinc

A. Ceramic

B. Copper

C. Silver

D. Coke

Ans- silver

Explanation- All are Metals.

Ques5- Calf : Kid : Pup

A. Infant

B. Young

C. Larva

D. Animal

Ans- Larva

Explanation- All are young ones of animals.

Ques6- Jute : Cotton : Wool

A. Terylene

B. Silk

C. Rayon

D. Nylon


Explanation- Silk because all are natural fibres

Ques7- Diamond : Sapphire : Ruby

A. Gold

B. Silver

C. Emerald

D. Bronze

Ans- Emerald

Explanation- All are precious stones.

Ques8- Peas: Gram : Pulses

A. Rice

B. Barley

C. Beans

D. Coconut

Ans- Beans

Explanation- All are rich in protein.

Ques9- Potato: Carrot : Radish

A. Tomato

B. Spinach

C. Sesame

D. Groundnut

Ans- Groundnut

Explanation- All grow underground

Ques10- Grandfather : Father : Brother

A. Son- in-low

B. Son

C. Father-in-law

D. Baby

Ans- Son

Explanation- All are blood relation.

Ques11- Rice : Wheat : MaizeA. Jowar- Bajra
B. Tobacco

C. Jute

D. Cotton

Ans- Jowar- Bajra

Explanation- All are food crops.

Ques12- Daisy : Pansy : Rose

A. Garden

B. Plant

C. Violet

D. Red

Ans- Violet

Explanation- All are flowers.

Ques13- Violet : Orange : Yellow

A. Purple

B. Blue

C. White

D. Pink

Ans- Blue

Explanation- All are colours of a rainbow.

Ques14- Root: Stem : Branch

A. Wood

B. Leaf

C. Tree

D. Fertilizer

Ans- Leaf

Explanation- All are parts of a tree.

Ques15- Mumbai : Kolkata : Mangalore
A. Hyderabad

B. Cochin

C. Delhi

D. Jaipur

Ans- Cochin

Explanation- All are port cities.

Ques16- Necklace : Ring : Bangle

A. Belt

B. Ornaments

C. Bracelet

D. Jewellery

Ans- Jewellery

Explanation- All are items of jewellery.

Ques17- Jam : Jelly : Pickles

A. Butter

B. Marmalade
C. Grapes

D. Preservative

Ans- Marmalade

Explanation- All are different forms in which fruits/ vegetables are preserved.

Ques18- Pathology : Cardiology : Radiology : Ophthalmology

A. Geology

B. Zoology

C. Haematology

D. Biology

Ans- Haematology

Explanation- All are branches of medical science.

Ques19- Edge : Corner : Tip

A. Snow

B. Hill

C. Brink

D. Cap

Ans- Brink
Explanation- All are synonyms.

Ques20- Basket : Pail : Pan

A. Spoon

B. Bowl

C. Fork

D. Knife

Ans- Bowl

Explanation- All are used as container.

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