Logical Reasoning Quiz-03 For Freshers

How to Solve Reasoning ability

In each of the following question, there is a certain relation between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given an another side of: : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair the item is each pair gently go together.
Trick: Choosing A Similar Word
The Trick to solve the reasoning ability us to Choose the best alternative.

lets see some examples, that will help us understand better:-

Ques- Perch : Freshwater : : ? Saltwater

A. Crocodile

B. Frog

C. cod

D. Snake
Ans- Cod, A perch is a freshwater fish. Similarly, a code is a saltwater fish.

Ques2- Mother : Child : Cloud : ?

A. Weather

B. Rain

C. Thunder

D. Water
Ans- Rain, First gives birth to the second.

Ques3- Growth : Death : Increase : ?

A. Ease

B. Decrease

C. Tease

D. Cease
Ans- Cease, second puts an end to the activity denoted by the first.

Ques4- Oxygen : burn : : carbon dioxide : ?

A. Isolate

B. Boam

C. Extinguish

D. Explode
Ans- Extinguish, oxygen supports burning while carbon dioxide extinguishes fire.

Ques5- Pigeon : Peace : White flag : ?

A. Friendship

B. Victory

C. Surrender

D. War
Ans- Surrender, pigeon is a symbol of peace and white flag is a symbol of surrender.

Ques6- Enough : Excess : : Sufficiency : ?

A. Adequacy

B. Surplus

C. Competency

D. Import
Ans- Surplus, ‘enough’ indicates sufficiency and ‘excess’ indicates surplus.

Ques7- Mathematics : Logic : : Science : ?

A. Facts

B. Scientist

C. Experiment

D. Laboratory
Ans- Facts, second donates the principle on which the first is based.

Ques8- Dark : Fear : : Honesty : ?

A. Personality

B. Money

C. Treachery

D. Trust
Ans- Trust, First leads the second.

Ques9- Shark : Fish : : Lavender : ?

A. Shrub

B. Tree

C. Herb

D. Climber
Ans- Shrub, is a fish and lavender is a Shrub.

Ques10- Butter : Milk : : Book : ?

A. Author

B. Painting

C. Chapter

D. Paper
Ans- Paper, second is used to prepare the first.

Ques11- Car : Petrol : : Television : ?

A. Electricity

B. Transmission

C. Entertainment

D. Antenna
Ans- Electricity, first need the second to work.

Ques12- Pig : Farrow : : Dog : ?

A. Mare
P. Puppy

C. Bitch
D. Colt
Ans- Puppy, second is the young one of the first.

Ques13- Receptionist : Office : : Hostess : ?

A. Aircraft

B. Crew

C. Hospital

D. Airport
Ans- Aircraft, first attend the clients in the second.

Ques14- Dum Dum : Kolkata : : Palam : ?

A. Kerala

B. Delhi-
C. Chennai

D. Mumbai
Ans- Delhi, Dumdum is an airport in Kolkata and Palam is an airport in Delhi.

Ques15- USA : Congress : : Iran : ?

A. Althing
B. Storting

C. Majlis

D. Cortes
Ans- Majlis, the parliament of USA is called Congress and that of Iran is called Majlis.

Ques16- Karnataka : Gold : : Madhya Pradesh: ?

A. Diamond

B. Iron

C. Copper

D. Gems
Ans- Diamond, Gold is mined in Karnataka. Likewise, Diamonds are mined in Madhya Pradesh.

Ques17 Carbon : Diamond : : Corundum : ?

A. Pearl
B. Garnet

C. Pukhraj

D. Ruby
Ans- Ruby, Second is the form of First.

Ques18- Novelty : Oldness : : Newness : ?

A. Culture

B. Discovery

C. Model
D. Antiquity
Ans- Antiquity, the words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

Ques19- Entrepreneur : Profit : : Scholar : ?

A. Service

B. Business

C. Income

D. knowledge
Ans- knowledge, first strives to acquire the second.

Ques20: Jungle : Zoo : : Sea : ?

A. Aquarium

B. Harbour

C. Water

D. Fishery
Ans- Aquarium, the organism living in a Jungle are artificially reared in a zoo. Similarly, the organisms living in the sea are artificially reared in an aquarium.

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